What is "trapezoid of discovery"?

It's a reference to a prank call by legendary absurdist prank caller Longmont Potion Castle


Who is "trapezoid of discovery"?

I'm an information security engineer. Currently I'm doing application security for a large organization. Previously I've done malware reverse engineering, network security analysis and systems engineering.

Why is "trapezoid of discovery"?

After the 2020 election, I noticed that a lot of the claims alleging widespread fraud were being backed up with bad cybersecurity takes (i.e., Lindell's "PCAPs"). Those alleging fraud had monopolized the conversation, and well meaning people who genuinely wanted to evaluate the evidence themselves were left to either learn the requisite background knowledge to make sense of the claims, or take the allegations at face value. So I began investigating the claims myself, and would share the analysis in the simplest terms possible on Twitter. As the claims kept coming, so did my obnoxiously long threads. Since Twitter doesn't provide an easy way to surface threads or interesting content from someone's timeline, I decided to throw this site together.

How can I contact you?

You can dm me on twitter or send an email to: trapezoidofdiscovery [at] protonmail.com