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#CyberSymposium recap from someone following along @ home:

  1. Both trusted (@ErrataRob, @HarriHursti) and untrusted (Spyder) experts alike have confirmed no actual PCAPs were made available for examination
  2. Day 2 was the most interesting
  3. People like incriminating themselves

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The "meat" of the conference happened to be the Mesa County, CO Dominion EMS images that were "publicly available"...but only because Tina Peters disabled video surveillance and allowed someone to surreptitiously make forensic disk images of Mesa Co. election equipment

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That somebody, who, according to the images themselves, had the initials 'cjh' then appeared to coordinate with Ron Watkins in releasing the images to the public hours before they were "examined", live, by Ron and a panel of hosts at the symposium

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Someone also shared forensic disc images of Antrim Co., MI election equipment with folks in the breakout rooms at the symposium. Those images were under a protective order by a MI court, and whoever shared the images breached that order.

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The biggest take away:

If you're in legally dubious territory, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Don't rely on a duck quack to prevent you from incriminating yourself. Also don't appear on stage in front of people when you're also being live streamed to the entire world. Just..don't.

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The fifth amendment is there for a reason. USE IT YOU DUMMIES. Be quiet. Say nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Do not double down. Do not make something up.

Just. Be. Quiet.

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I'm torn on how this will ultimately play out.

For anyone that was on the fence prior the Symposium, there was very little that would seem convincing, unless you already had a foot halfway in the door of Team Lindell.

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For anyone that was already a true believer, you were thrown a few new bones. Specifically, the "dehardening script" and the supposed removal of logs from the Mesa EMS.

Sure, that information was presented without context, but you probably don't care about context anyways.

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For any skeptics that tuned in, especially those who have the technical background to spot flaws in the claims being made, it was a train wreck of epic proportions, and borderline entertaining.

I just wish it wasn't actively eroding faith in our elections and democracy