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While we’re waiting for the AZ leg audit briefing, maybe take a few minutes to enjoy the surreal and absurd prank calls of Longmont Potion Castle.

Both my display name AND icon are sourced from Longmont material.

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Unlike people like the Jerky Boys, Longmont’s pretty polite during the calls. He rarely, if ever, swears. Instead he takes his victims on absurd rides like in this call, where he says he’s going to show up to the clown motel with 3 humvees full of weights

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He’ll also call 2 people and patch them through. He’d do that a lot with Alec Trebek (RIP) who was always very annoyed but very composed.

This is my fav though:

He asks 1 store for a book called “Mongoose” and then starts an actual game of telephone

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Another favorite. So many good lines. He calls a coffin shop and is ridiculous off the bat. When they ask how he got their number, he just says “cork board”. I lose it every time.

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This one’s hilarious and topical. He calls during the 2016 election pretending to be a pollster affiliated with different fake orgs - one of which is Trapezoid of Discovery (@ 3:25).

Also of note is the police reporter who goes on an unhinged rant

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The best part is when the Trapezoid of Discovery guy recognizes it's Longmont Potion Castle and says he's his hero.

Another highlight is the guy who says he writes in Billy Dee Williams for every election.

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LPCs released 18 albums over 30 years, and hardly anyone knows his actual identity. A doc was even produced about it:

Anyways, hopefully this was a fun and weird diversion from my normal posts.

The wiki page has more info: