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Here's a good example of how citizen canvass efforts can unfairly target minorities and/or lower income voters.

It's from one of David Clements' recent shows, where he had two USEIP affiliated people on to talk about the tooling they created to help with citizen canvass'

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This guy used Bobby Piton's method of looking at character counts in last names.

That flagged a 29 char name, which then led him to this affordable housing complex.

He found it odd that so many people registered to vote after 2019.

I found that complex. It was built in 2019.

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1st, name length alone is a silly metric. I'm a first gen immigrant. My last name is long as hell. I've legitimately registered to vote everywhere I've lived.

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2nd, he wonders out loud if they're forcing people who move into low income housing to register to vote, and if that's the reason registrations spiked in 2019.

Spoiler: "they're" not forcing anyone to register to vote before they can move into low income housing.

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With these people, it's never the obvious explanation: that the building was just built in 2019, and it's usually trivial to register to vote when you update your address with the DMV.

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Instead it's: a person with a long last name lives in affordable housing, and voter registration spiked at that address beginning in 2019. IS THE GOVERNMENT FORCING PEOPLE TO REGISTER TO VOTE BEFORE THEY CAN GET HOUSING??!?!!!