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Remember when Ron Watkins appeared on OANN with Chanel Rion in the "Dominion-izing the vote" segment?

Well, Rion talks about how she connected w/ & vetted Watkins in her depo in the Coomer V Trump case, and her bar seems to have been:"he was breaking down the manual on twitter"

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Mind you, she was also asked if she reached out to actual voting experts, like J. Alex Halderman and Matt Blaze.

In those cases, she was content to use statements from Halderman and Blaze in her reporting, but did not ultimately contact them.

Instead, she contacted Watkins.

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She knew about Qanon, but did not know about it's affiliation with 8chan/kun or Ron Watkins.

Thats not necessarily a dig at Rion as much as it's proof that Q managed to proliferate outside of 8ch/kun thanks to social media.

also gets a shoutout.

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Looks like Ron Watkins and Jim Hoft also spoke directly about 2020 election fraud.

Hoft also mentions Ron's "dominion whistleblower" posts, which we now know actually came from either Tina Peters directly, or someone associated with Peters