Thu Nov 25 08:13:34 +0000 2021

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Lindell talked about the infamous picture of him outside the White House holding the paper that had "martial law" underlined.

His explanation is pretty fantastic.

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On the way to the WH to deliver proof of fraud, "a lawyer" gave him an envelope, which he delivered to the WH. "The guys" opened it, looked at it, handed it back to him, & told him he needed to wait 2 hrs. He went outside to call his son, and that's when the pics were snapped

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Despite having hours, he apparently didn't bother reading the 2 (!) pages that were in his hand, so he didn't realize they mentioned martial law until his daughter called him at dinner to let him know that he was in the press.

[tweet] [link] do you hold a generously spaced paper that you're supposed to present to the president in front of your face and not happen to glance down and look at the words "martial law" above the lines that were very noticeably scratched out with sharpie?