Fri Feb 25 20:36:17 +0000 2022

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This is an insane story that deserves more attention.

3 people - 1 armed - stormed into a MI clerks office, and demanded access to voting equipment so they could “clone” it. They represented themselves as part of an “election integrity commission”

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Tera Jackson contacted Allan Coveyou, a local computer repair tech, and asked that he bring an “oath keeper” along with him to the clerks office so they could clone the machine

So he recruited a friend that was a former police officer, who showed up armed w/ a bullet proof vest

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Ultimately Jackson, who seems to be the lead instigator in all of this, plead no contest to a misdemeanor which might even be expunged.

There was no restitution so the township has to foot the $5k bill to replace the tabulator.

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They were concerned that data was going to be erased during an upcoming maintenance visit.

Thing is, the machine was just a tabulator. It only counted paper ballots, and did not store any data of consequence.

The maintenance visit was just to clean the rollers.