Tue Mar 08 17:44:01 +0000 2022

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Your regular reminder that Doug Gould, the “cybersecurity expert” that has now released two reports on the stolen Mesa election system images has a website and it’s…special.


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Wait, Doug Gould wrote these reports while acting as a consultant for ASOG?????

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Haven’t had a chance to fully dive into the newest “forensic report” on Mesa County, but I’ll say this:

it’s pretty wild how they’ve released two reports so far and neither have mentioned what I found below- that there’s evidence the election databases were in fact backed up.

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I discovered that a day or two after the images were made public. They’ve had access to them for at least 5 months.

The fact that neither report mentions the evidence that the election databases were backed up - either to confirm it or cast doubt - tells you all you need to know

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Either they’re incompetent and haven’t discovered this, or they’ve intentionally neglected to mention it because it severely weakens one of their main findings.

Or maybe it’s a bit of both ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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The majority of the findings follow the pattern of the Antrim, MI reports (makes sense, now that we know Gould is working with ASOG).

A lot of time is spent telling you what could happen, and very little time is spent telling you what actually did happen.